Faust: A New Perspective on Teaching

Carrie Faust is following her passion for teaching by trying to improve the lives of her students


Caleb Benavidez, Staffer

In 2001, when Carrie Faust was, 29 she got her first opportunity to teach a class at range view high school in Aurora, Colorado.

“I was married to a teacher about six years out of college, and really decided I wanted to be a teacher,” said Faust. 

Because Faust has been teaching for so long she wants her student to feel relaxed in her room.

She encourages her kids to try new things, and make a safe environment for her students to learn. “I want to create an environment where kids feel safe and comfortable.”

There has been some conflict between Faust and her students during the course of the year and she has been very patient with them. But she still is trying to achieve more with them. Faust’s goal is to have her achieve their goals. “I want them to think of my room as their second home where they can come in and be who they are and achieve more than filling out worksheets and get the opportunity to lead other kids and try new things,” said Faust.

She currently has 2 daughters in college, which is why she recently decided to get a dog.

Faust keeps her dog in her room on school days which makes her room seem more inviting. “I got a dog because my daughters went to college and now it’s just me at home and two testy cats. So I wanted something that really loved me instead of just waiting for me to feed them,” said Faust.

Faust uses all of this to keep her students interested so she can share with them the joys of journalism. She shows kids her passion and shows them why it’s important and amazing.

In the end, Faust is following her calling and loves it.