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Smoky Goes To State!

Bianca Richerson Arian Jensen, Staffer

October 25, 2019

Friday, October 25th the Smoky Hill Softball team are going to state and will play Arapahoe High School. GO BUFFS!

Smoky Hills New Turf Field

Smoky Hills New Turf Field

Marcus Risley, Staffer

October 8, 2019

We at Smoky Hill are getting a turf field at our school. The construction workers have been working on our fields for about a month and a half. The deadline for the turf field is November 1st according to Mr. Thompson.  “It is something that we have pushed for a very long time that the distric...

Concussion Aviation

Concussion Aviation

Tayler Sewick, Staff

September 12, 2019

 Head aching, hands are shaking, the pain is violent. The next moment your falling into darkness and no way out of the pain in their head. That is what it looks like when you don't get the concussion protocol. no one wants to know the pain of an unchecked concussion when they are in a sport or an in...

Summer Baseball

Summer Baseball

Bianca Richerson, Staff

May 17, 2019

Baseball season has ended and next year baseball players and looking forward to summer baseball. Summer baseball starts next week on Tuesday and the boys are getting ready to play.  Someone who is really looking forward to summer is junior Alan Yarbrough. “ I am really looking forward to having as mu...

PE Credits: How Many are Enough

PE Credits: How Many are Enough

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

May 6, 2019

Would Students at Smoky Hill want more or less mandated credits for PE.

Wrestling Managers

Wrestling Managers

Stephanie Martinez, Staffer

January 27, 2019

The wrestling team at Smoky has gone through so many changes this past couple of months, so I wanted to see how the managers were doing. B’Elanna Sanders, junior, has been a manager since her freshman year. “What made me want to become manager was my mom,” Sanders said, “She was in school and I wanted...

Undefeated Team heads to playoffs

Undefeated Team heads to playoffs

Eyoel Naizgi, Staffer

October 25, 2018

The story of Smoky Hill football has been changed. They are not the losing team anymore. They have one of the best records imaginable. I had a chance to talk with football coach Kelton Coppinger and he said, “ I am happy with the progress of the team over the years. They have set goals for themsel...

What it’s like to be a traveling volleyball player

Bianca Richerson, Staffer

May 8, 2018

Volleyball has always been a passion to me, it’s something that I love to do most. I have been playing volleyball for 8 years now. I play for Smoky Hill High School and I play at a traveling club team when I’m off of the season for Smoky. I have been traveling for volleyball for a couple of year...

Smoky Hill Introduces New Football Coach

Smoky Hill Introduces New Football Coach

Jair Thompson, Editor-in-chief

March 7, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, Smoky Hill introduced the new head football coach to the team. Former Mullen head coach Tom Thenell will be leading the Buffaloes next season. Thenell is a Colorado native who attended Mullen High School and graduated in 1980. Thenell’s football resume is extensive. Thenell started off as...

Feeling the Pressure

Feeling the Pressure

Jair Thompson, Co Editor & Chief

March 2, 2018

In almost every high school there is a team or an athlete who stands out from the rest. This year Smoky Hill’s boys basketball team went 16-7 during the regular season, and are 2-0 so far in the state playoffs putting them into the elite 8.  The team came into the season ranked number one in the state,...

Spring Sports Registration Information

Spring Sports Registration Information

Lola Howard, Staffer

February 26, 2018

Attention all athletes, Spring registration for sports has closed today, Feb. 26. The athletics office will not accept any applicants, however if you weren’t able to fill out registration and put in your physical by Friday, Feb. 23, late check-in will begin Tuesday, Feb. 27. Sports that fall in...

Hillside Pride

Dylan McKee, staffer

February 12, 2018

The students at Smoky Hill have always been supporters and fans for their schools teams, but with a top 10 ranked basketball team the energy at games is through the roof! On Wednesday Jan. 31, Smoky Hill’s basketball team had a road game at Cherokee Trail. With a 30 min. drive you could definitely...

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