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Skinamarink Review

2023 horror film takes on a unique cinematic style, leaving the audience having mixed reviews
“Skinamarink” movie poster via IMDb

Kyle Edward Ball, a well-known youtube short-film creator, recently released his most well-known horror movie to date, Skinamarink. 

The movie has fluctuating reviews throughout the internet, 72% on RottenTomatoes, 4.8/10 on IMDb , and 3/ 5 on Shudder, having a wide variety of different takes and opinions. 

Ball started out by taking written comments on Youtube, based around commenters dreams, then filming and editing short films based on those dreams. Over time this is what stemmed out and became the basis for his movie.

The film builds around the story of a little boy and his sister, who wake up one day in their own home to find their father missing and all the windows and doors have disappeared. 

The style is completely different from any other horror movie. Its shots pan towards walls or objects in the house, never showing an actor’s face or having any music throughout the entirety of the movie. Its unique camera shots and grainy footage give it a surreal feel and a older look to it. 

The movie starts out slow, seeming normal at first, but as it worked its way through it became more and more disturbing. The characters’ dialogue isn’t always easy to understand as it’s sometimes out of earshot or quiet, however it makes the movie seem creepier and dream-like. 

The kids starring in the movie aren’t ever seen, you can see them walking or playing, you dont once in the movie get a glimpse of the characters face. This odd touch focused on the surrounding objects gives the film a unique basis which Ball was able to tell a story off of. 

The movie’s quality is not for everyone, some may find the slow build and cinematic difference weird or boring, however its take on horror is so unique it has the audience questioning the movie after its finished as it’s a fascinating storyline and an incredibly artistic take on filmmaking.

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