BlueSuede, The Next Generation of Music

Sam Gomez is a 17-year-old music producer shaping the sounds of the future.


Liam Blasdel, Staffer

“I’ve been producing music for a while now, but I’m just like recently starting to share with people,” says Sam Gomez a Senior here at Smoky Hill. Gomez has recently begun releasing new music under the name BlueSuede.

At school Gomez is a model student with an avid interest in being involved in activities and keeping grades high. However, at home, he spends his time producing more music that he frequently shares on most music streaming platforms.

“Witchu” was Gomez’s first song he released, to a strong response, reaching 100 streams in only a few days.” Everyone was like, wow, you make music?” said Gomez “a lot of people wanted to see what it was all about.”

After “Witchu”, he released his first album “‘From The Heart vol.1’” which is the first large project from Gomez with his influences beginning to shine through in his more recent works.

His journey to releasing music began early on, with influences on his style and talent coming from within the family ”My mom’s family is very musical” said Gomez ”My mom plays a saxophone and piano and stuff like that.”

His new goal is to release a new song every month. Gomez is constantly at work producing new sounds and songs, with a new focus on putting lyrics into his songs.

Gomez’s future interest in making music is only growing with new music on the way constantly “I know that consistency is the way to do that. By just keep putting stuff out. Keep working on it, then that’s the way to go.”

Gomez’s new single “Fire” released December 7th