Involvement in Art

Lylia Creach is a 15-year-old artist who’s passion is soaring.


Jackie Revollar, Staffer

“All the time, but sometimes I just do it for fun, mostly for my friends but when people I don’t really talk to ask, I tend to ask for money. Obviously, it’s not to brag.” 

Lylia Creach, a 15-year-old artist has people coming up to them and asking for artwork. Creach does both digital and traditional drawings and uses different media types in their work.

“When I was really really young because my dad was always really into it.”

A big part of Creach’s journey into art and drawing has been her parents. They have been practicing for years and have evolved their art style greatly.

“The internet mostly, like maybe some anime I watch or just my parents.”

Creach’s art has been influenced by shows, other artists on the internet and their parents’ style.

“Occasionally, because sometimes I get artblock. So I don’t know what to draw. So when people ask me to draw things, it helps me get rid of that.”

Something Creach often draws for other people are profile pictures on Instagram. They help her get back into making art when they feel unmotivated and stuck with nothing else to make.