Bensinger: A Jab

Coach Bensinger, a boxer, father, and teacher.


Dana Mohamed, Staffer

“Growing up with drug addicts, violence and crime I’ve definitely had to defend myself on my growing up amongst that household,”  Aaron Bensinger said.

In 1992 Bensinger started boxing. A couple of months after that he got into a fight that he wasn’t prepared for so he got knocked out, in addition, that he said that no matter what sport you play the chances of getting knocked out is equal, but also the chances of being a champion is also equal.

Bensinger started boxing not because he thought it was fun but in fact, he said that he uses it for self-defense. “I grew up in a very violent home and my mother was addicted to crack cocaine. And that brought about a lot of crap into my house. And I had to learn how to defend myself,” Bensinger said.

“I currently teach my kids three days a week for wrestling and I try to shoot two days a week,” Bensinger said.

Boxing can be used for several different things but coach Bensinger is currently using it for 3 different things, like stress relief, self-defense, and just as a hobby.

”Most definitely you can use it. In fact, a lot of work veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s used in jiu-jitsu in boxing and wrestling sports that have to do with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” said Bensinger

Bensinger also talked about the pros and cons of boxing one pro was that no matter what you are it doesn’t matter what you do or what sport you play you can still get hurt and you can still enjoy it and be good at it and it doesn’t matter what sport you like because there is still risks no matter what.

His traumatic experiences made him very motivated to work and to have goals that he wants to achieve. In addition, it helped him because he joined the military. 

According to Coach Aaron Beninger “, everything can be possible as long as you work for it”.