Building a connection through music

Kassen Night is reaching people with music through their new band.


Sofiia Znakharenko, Co-Editor

“My favorite thing is definitely connecting with the community. Just seeing people out there and having reason to connect and seeing people let go of anger and fear and hate. It’s truly beautiful.”

Some people have dreamt about starting a band at least once in their life and for freshman Kassen Night that dream recently became a reality. About a month ago Night and some of their friends decided to start a band called The Skulletz.

“It’s kind of random. Caroline and I were kind of in the middle of guitar class and we were like, Hey, we should start a band. And we did and she happened to have a friend that wanted to be a bass player. So that’s how we came together” Night said.

Night has always had a passion for music, largely being influenced by the early goth and punk scene. 

I think all of us have always been kind of inspired by different bands like The Cure and just pretty much old goth bands” they said. 

Along with singing for the band, Night also plays the guitar. “So our first member is Caroline and she plays lead guitar. Our second is Annabelle Hails and she plays bass. And then lastly you have me. I play secondary guitar or rhythm guitar, and I sing” they said. 

Music is something Night wants to pursue and they hope the band will lead to opportunities for them and the members in the future. 

“I already technically do have a music career going on for me in the future because I am personally signed to Roadrunner Records and hopefully the band does go somewhere, if not, it’s always going to be a beautiful memory,” Night said. “But music is something and it’s a big passion. It’s beautiful and it helps a lot of people. And that’s why I do it.”