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The student news site of Smoky Hill High School

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5 ways to start summer out right.

Rhonan Norvell, Staffer
May 26, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Opinions, Student Life

Summer is now upon us and it couldn't have come sooner. Now all the stresses of everyday life in high school such as, regular homework, keeping a social life, and extracurricular activities are over - at least for a couple months.   Not only is summer a time for relaxation and fun with your...

Preparing for College

Nisha Razack, Editor
May 10, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Opinions

So much to do… So little time. I understand completely.  The process gets overwhelming pretty quickly. But it’s ok. Here are some tips that I wish that someone had told me: Be open to change: When I first thought about going away to college, I wanted for sure to go out of state. But...

Why I don’t Respect Trump

Nisha Razack, Editor
May 10, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Opinions

Let me just start off with that I respect everyone's opinions. I respect the people who voted for him. I respect your decision to support him, so please respect me. He is not fit to be our President. He is racist, manipulative, and I don’t trust what he says. I don’t respect the fact that h...

Welcoming incoming Juniors

Octavia Ford, staffer
May 9, 2017
Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, News, Opinions, Showcase, Student Life

High school can be a very laborious place, if you don’t take it seriously. It is important that you build a healthy relationship with your teachers and do everything they ask you to do. Your hard work and attention is a significant way to get a good grade in class. Teachers always look at the effort you p...

Freshman Class

Jair Thompson, Staffer
May 9, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Opinions, Showcase, Student Life

Being a freshman coming into high school can be scary, but how you deal with it can make or break your whole high school experience. High school comes with a lot of changes and helps you start finding who you really are. This years freshman in Smoky Hill all said that they’ve had good years, so...

Twin Day

Jair Thompson, Staffer
April 27, 2017
Filed under News, NEXT, Opinions, Showcase, Student Life

This week the Buffaloes are doing another spirit, but this time it’s for our Smoky Hill Prom. The Spirit Days this week are Comfy Day, Twin Day, Ethnic Day, Dress Like someone else, and the final day is Class Day where you represent your class colors. Today is Twin Day at Smoky and their are som...

13 Reasons Why Review

13 Reasons Why Review

Amber Badger, Editor In Chief
April 17, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Opinions, Showcase

      MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS   One of, if not the, most popular shows on TV right now is 13 Reasons Why. A dramatic series about a girl who commits suicide leaving 13 tapes behind with the reasons why she did it. It is currently only available as a Netflix series. Th...

Prom Tips and Details

Prom Tips and Details

Haley Commons, Staffer
April 1, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, Opinions, Student Life

Prom is only a month away and excitement is in the air. There’s just so much to do: find a date (or go with friends), rent a limo, hire a photographer, buy a corsage/boutonniere, pick out the perfect dress, rent (or buy) a tuxedo/suit, buy this year’s hottest shoes, set a hair appointment, set a m...

March Madness

Michael Boyd, Staffer
March 10, 2017
Filed under Check This Out!, News, Opinions, Sports, Student Life

Next week is when March Madness starts. The atmosphere at Smoky will be intense and exciting while the games are being played. For the students who want to keep up with the games and watch some of the games, you want to know about this. Smoky Hill will be playing the games on some of  the t.v’s...

MVP Race

Jair Thompson, Staffer
March 8, 2017
Filed under News, Opinions, Showcase, Sports

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is full of the best of some of the best basketball players in the world. Inside the NBA, there are multiple different awards given out to the biggest stand out players in whatever their respective category is for the award. The biggest award you can win as a ...

Why I Chose Lacrosse Over Baseball

Rhonan Norvell, Staffer
March 7, 2017
Filed under Opinions, Sports

After years of preparation to get to a point to compete for a spot on our high school baseball team, including playing spring and summer ball my freshmen year, continuing in the Smoky Hill baseball program wasn't just an option anymore. It was a necessity. To get a chance at playing time, there were...

Tips for Getting Grades up for Parent Teacher Conferences

Nisha Razack, Editor
March 6, 2017
Filed under Academics, Opinions

Parent teacher conferences will be held on March 21st from 4:00-7:30 pm.  Make a list of all missing assignments and all current assignments. Organize them by class. Under each class, try to do three assignments from the missing assignments list and then do current assignments so you can get more ...

The student news site of Smoky Hill High School