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Saturday Detention For No IDs

Students can now be given saturday detention for leaving IDs at home
Sticker IDs are printed at the AP Suite

Due to the amount of students forgetting to bring their school ID Smoky Hill is implementing saturday detention for students who leave their IDs at home

 “Students get Saturday school after their 10th ID violation and we started over at semester so from January 9 on the 10th 10 ID violation is it Saturday school,” Monte Reynolds, Dean of Students said. 

This is meant to encourage students to not forget their IDs in the future.

Though, some may wonder if this is simply a reminder or a consequence, a distinction which Reynolds wants to make.

“Students get Saturday school after their 10th ID violation and we started over at semester so be from January 9 on the 10 ID violation is it Saturday school,” Reynolds said. 

Students believe that this won’t encourage students to bring their ID, but instead rebel against it.

“By giving us a consequence for a simple mistake I feel like more students are going to want to forget their ID like they’re going to rebel against it,” Zaequan Reed (10) said.

Some students say the opposite.

“For me, I got a warning and I think it warns kids that you know, if you forget your ID, there’ll be consequences to it. And they’ll just motivate people to bring their IDs more,” Gladis Gayton (10) said.

Although, some students believe that Saturday detention could help prevent the amount of students leaving their IDs at home.

“I think it’s pretty fair like firstly, maybe like sending the kids maybe like a warning if they realize that they’re not carrying around their ID, but then after like, two warnings, then maybe then they can get detention because maybe sometimes the person is not aware that you know, that it’s that important to carry their ID or whatever. And then also let people know that it’s important to carry your ID,” Malcolm Kayemba (12) said.

Many students have their own reasons for forgetting their IDs.

“Yeah, it’s like usually like, I’ll have to change pants so I’ll be sitting there looking through looking for it and I just end up forgetting it and then come to school,” said Reed.

For many, when getting ready for school the last thing that in mind would be bringing your school ID.

“Um, usually I tend to be in a rush in the morning. So having to grab my ID is like kind of a hassle and sometimes it can be forgetful. Since it’s such a small item, it’s usually placed around places where I can’t find them and it’s not that accessible,” Gayton said.

During the detention students will work on the assignments needed for their classes. 

When asked what happens during Saturday detention Mr. Reynolds responded with, “Saturday detention, students have about three hours. There are a couple breaks, but it’s a three hour block where they just work on their homework. They have computers, we do have extra computers in there. But it’s all for schoolwork,”

The school wants to make sure most of the students won’t be forgetting their ID by giving them replacements.

“First time we run the list each quarter. When we meet with the kids, we make sure that they actually have an ID. And so if they don’t have an ID, we send them to get a replacement that is free. The first replacement ID is free. So we’re trying not trying to catch them. We’re trying to just get have them have IDs and give them the resources to have Have a replacement ID,” said Reynolds.

The school hopes this will get more students to bring their IDs more often.

“I’m hopeful it will. Most kids do not like to spend their Saturday in Saturday school,” said Reynolds.

Saturday detention is meant to be a consequence to students who have been warned multiple times. This could help the issue of the amount of students who forget their IDs daily.

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