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Ballot Drop-Off Locations for Voting SHHS Students

Election Day Quickly Approaching!!
November 2, 2020

With the 2020 election quickly approaching,  seniors at SHHS may be wondering where they can go to drop off their ballots for the Presidential/Senatorial Election. There are  several options  where...

Dozens of Procedures in Place to Keep Schools Sanitary

An ABM Maintenance Worker sanitizes a lunchroom window.
The janitorial staff now have new regulations in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic
October 23, 2020

     The Cherry Creek School District has been making sure everything is kept sanitary for students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. The janitorial staff has to meet certain standards in order...

7 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Friends During Quarantine

7 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Friends During Quarantine
Staying connected is important during these times
April 23, 2020

So, we're all going through tough times right now, not being at school and all. But I'm gonna give you a few ways to stay connected with your friends. It's hard not to be able to go to a friend's house,...

A Day in the Life of a Pastor During Quarantine

A Day in the Life of a Pastor During Quarantine
Churches under Quarantine are experiencing many hardships
April 14, 2020

We're all going through hard times right now, with us being in quarantine because of the outbreak. But, in these troubling moments, pastors and churches really have it hard. Pastors are in charge of running...

Chicago Musical

Chicago Musical
The spring musical, Chicago, will be showcased February 13-15.
January 30, 2020

This spring, the Smoky Hill High School Performing Arts Department presents students and parents with the Chicago musical. The Chicago musical is based on the movie that was originally made 17 years ago....

Chinese Coronavirus

Map as of January 27
A new virus in Wuhan is spreading across China, and the globe at an alarming rate
January 28, 2020

An EAS alert goes across the screen, signaling that a virus is sweeping across the United States. Killing hundreds of thousands. Fortunately, this scene hasn’t played out in recent U.S. history. That...

Winter Wish Week 2020

Winter Wish Week 2020
Every year Smoky Hill High School holds a wish week with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make a kids dream come true
January 12, 2020

The annual winter wish week is approaching fast. This year's winter wish week will take place on January 27-February 1. Wish week is a whole week where the school focuses on donating money to the Make-A-Wish...

Unified Basketball Starts Today

Athletes, coaches preview first game
January 8, 2020

Students Kamari Lewis-Stallworth (11), Chase Lyons (12), and Lydell Hudson (12) have been working with the Unified basketball team this year. They have been practicing 2-3 times a week for about an hour...

Alicia Dante- Student Director

Alicia Dante- Student Director
Alicia Dante is directing this years underclassman show, I Hate Shakespeare
November 24, 2019

Standing in the spotlight is a dream for a lot of kids, but for Alicia Dante making those kids dreams come true was just what she wanted to do. Dante, a senior here at Smoky, is directing her own play...

Smoky Hill Alumni, Claudia Mora

Smoky Hill Alumni, Claudia Mora
Claudia Mora, Smoky hill alumni, visits back after 41 years to see what all has changed.
August 26, 2019

For the first time in forty-one years, Claudia Mora, a trade student alumni from the class of 1978, came to visit Smoky to see all that had changed. She came from Columbia after graduating from high school...

Self Reflection

Self Reflection
Self confidence is a struggle for many
May 15, 2019

Body Image

Body Image
Positive body Image and they way that you view yourself can be something that is very hard to learn. But if you know where to start it might not be so hard after all
May 15, 2019

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