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The Magnificent Experiment

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

September 17, 2018

Filed under Academics

Kaylynn Moore-Wilson is an average Junior student at Smoky Hill and expected her day to be average as well, but her day suddenly changed for the better when she entered her second period on the a red day with her teacher Lexie Brodwin.   Brodwin is a Physics teacher at Smoky Hill who sat ...

Places To Go To Help You Be Successful

Eyoel Naizgi, Staffer

September 17, 2018

Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, Showcase, Student Life

There are many ways to get help in school. There are resource centers, a testing center, a tutoring center, and you can schedule meeting with teachers when they are available. Karen Hamilton, the teacher that works in the social studies resource center, said “ the tutoring center is not open yet, but whe...

Next Step!

Christine Bailey, Staffer

September 17, 2018

Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, Showcase

I’d like to think of myself as a organized person. A person who likes to be ahead of the game to make all situations easy no matter how hard they may be. There were times I would start my day with stress, not knowing anything about the next step in my life. Last year everybody told me senior would ...

Nominees For Success

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

May 14, 2018

Filed under Academics

You are known to be mischievous, cunning, slacking, etcetera, so it was normal for you to be pulled out of class and your fellow students either saying, “ooh” or asking what you did. To your surprise you were greeted with candy and a paper that recognizes you for your nomination in receiving a Soci...

Spontaneous Combustion Auditions

Spontaneous Combustion Auditions

Tori Griffey, Staffer

May 10, 2018

Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, Clubs, News, NEXT, Student Life

Smoky Hill’s Improv group, Spontaneous Combustion (SpoCo), will be having auditions. They will take place today, May 9, at 3:45 pm in the Choir room. Their will be call backs on Thursday at 3:45 pm also in the choir room. At these auditions they will be having you play games to test many skills. They...

Social Studies Guest Speaker

Bianca Richerson, Staffer

April 18, 2018

Filed under Academics, News, NEXT

In room 1-107, a social studies class introduces a guest speaker named Colleen Potton. Potton works at South Metro Fire Department and has been working there for nine years now. Potton explains what she taught to the class,  I came in today to teach this class about the fire department and and ho...

To Be Responsible or Not To Be

Heidi Thompson-Brown, staffer

March 13, 2018

Filed under Academics, Student Life

Many students aspire to be sucessful in school whether it is by getting good grades, being an all star athlete or being involved in the school such as clubs and in school activites.  Everyone has a different perspective and opinion on what a sucessful student is, Seniors Lauryn Marshall and Colton Stor...

SHHS ACT Schedule

Tori Griffey, Staffer

February 26, 2018

Filed under Academics, News, NEXT, Student Life

  On Tues. Feb. 27, 2018 Smoky Hill’s Juniors will be joining every other school in the district in taking the ACT Test. This will be the schedule for that day. Once testing is over we will be having a normal red day. Below is the schedule.   Tuesday Feb. 27, 2018   8:20 - 12:10 ...

Too Much Homework

Too Much Homework

Avery Bailey, Staffer

February 23, 2018

Filed under Academics, Showcase, Student Life

Although we complain about homework, it is an important part of our day to day memory of what we learned. Studies show that homework helps us better retain the information from the day. But, there is such a thing as getting too much homework, and this can have a bad effect on students.   Denis...

The Word that Has No Meaning

The Word that Has No Meaning

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

February 12, 2018

Filed under Academics

  Blarg is a slang word, and is a word that can have no definitions or any definition you want. Although it sometimes is used in that regard it most often or not shows frustration, orc boredom.   To me blarg is a very magical word, although it seems as if a kid just smashed their ...

Spending saturday at school

Tiffany Beers, Staffer

February 10, 2018

Filed under Academics, Check This Out!, Opinions, Showcase

Smoky hill high school MYP students will be spending their saturday at school. Where they become stress and nervous yet, motivated to give it their best, on the personal project. The personal project for MYP students is, student-planned learning activities that extend knowledge and understanding, an...

Second Semester goals

Second Semester goals

Kailen Theel, Staffer

January 23, 2018

Filed under Academics, Opinions, Showcase

Being a Freshman in high school, I didn’t expect to do as good as I did did better than I thought I was, but I had procrastinated on my homework, I didn’t study for tests in big classes, and I didn’t do anything during my off. Like most kids over break, I promised myself that I would fix my...

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