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Art Club

"I hope they take a sense of community and friendship.”
November 6, 2018

The art club here at Smoky is open to anyone, regardless if they’re taking a class or not, so they can work on their art and have a safe place to go to. Liz Kaplan is one of the art teachers here...

Smoky Hill Art Show

Spring Art Show is here. Be sure to check it out!
Rhonan, Staffer May 9, 2017

The year is flying by and there are fewer and fewer events going on so be sure you check this one out before the school year ends! The Spring art show started yesterday in the library. This event will...

Library Lockers to Become Next Art Installation

Library Lockers to Become Next Art Installation

Rachel Ellis, Editor-in-chief May 16, 2016

Resident art instructor, Gayle Brown, as well as an estimated 60 hand-picked volunteers will be working hard to turn the lockers just outside the library into book spines starting May 31 and the project...

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Art is a form of symbolism
Issac Rodriguez, Magazine Manager January 20, 2016

Update Thursday Jan. 28 Katelyn Todd said there is a hierarchy of awards. "You have the gold key award, the silver key award and honorable mentions, so my piece won silver key in photography," Todd...

2016 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Academy Art Contest Applications are available

2016 CLDE Academy Art contest theme is "I am a Student of Culture"
Nisha Razack, Staffer November 2, 2015

The Colorado Department of Education’s Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education will be hosting a showcase entitled, “I Am a Student of Culture”.  Students are asked what the showcase...

Goretober Art Challenge

Goretober Art Challenge

An Art Challenge for Artist That Enjoy Gore and Halloween
Krystal Limon, Staffer October 6, 2015

According to, Goretober is a 31 day drawing challenge for artist. Goretobers gives artists  a different and new drawing challenge everyday that revolves around gore. Sophomore Gracelyn...

The Moth by Gayle Brown

Getting to Know Mrs. Brown

Batina Jombuni, Staffer September 17, 2015

Mrs. Brown teaches art with a passion. Drawing is a way for Mrs.Brown to release her feelings that bottle up. It helps her express herself in a meaningful way. Everyone has different perspectives in art,...

Tie-dying in Chemistry

Tie-dying in Chemistry

Chemistry is actually quite fun
Issac Rodriguez, Staffer May 16, 2015

There is a lot that we do not realize about tie-dye, for example it has a lot to deal with chemistry. Tie-dye is a method of producing textile patterns by tying parts of fabric  to shield it from...

The work, Wicked Onyx, by Cassidy Ingram is a photo of a hand painted model, Addy Himle, taken in downtown Denver June 26.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

The IB Visual Arts Gallery
Loralee Bandy, Staffer April 28, 2015

The IB Visual Arts Gallery took place Friday, April 24 in the Lecture Center. Open all day, seniors in the IB class were able to display their showcase works to the school and gain real-world experience...

Clay Club

Clay Club

Clay Club is an art club that is open to anyone
Ashley Nubine, Staffer March 5, 2015

Clay club meets every Tuesday from 2:30 to 4:00 P.M. in room II-802. While there is no fixed routine, students come in to work on various sculptures or art pieces. Students are able to start or finish...

“Shadows in the Night”

A new album by singer song writer Bob Dylan
Ivory Brallier, Staffer February 5, 2015

  Bob Dylan’s new album Shadows in the Night, was released on Tuesday Feb. 3. It has definitely made it clear who his target audience is. His songs are good, the music is nice and slow, somehow...

Scratch Day

Scratch Day

Scratch Day Is Coming Up
Mona Jabr, Staffer April 28, 2014

Scratch is a program created by MIT’s Kindergarten group. This program is mostly geared towards middle and elementary schoolers. High school students can also download this program if they would...

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