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Grade Deadlines

End of semester grades have students and teachers working hard to meet deadlines

Students are rushing to get all of their assignments and get make-ups done in a small amount of time

Brian Lee, Social Studies and AVID teacher said, “I support the student deadlines. It helps to keep students on task and up to date with assignments. It also requires that they are accountable to doing their work in a timely manner. If a student is stressed because [of] decisions they make about completing work when assigned, then they have brought that upon themselves.”

The teacher-student deadlines are beneficial as they keep students organized, accountable and help them manage stress by completing assignments on time.

“Teacher deadlines are a part of the job description. Teachers should be grading work turned in on time in a reasonable time frame,” Lee said.

Teachers have a responsibility to meet deadlines and grade assignments submitted on time.

“The deadlines are so close, back-to-back, that you have to get so much work done depending on how many classes you take. So, if you have a lot of work done and do for certain classes, it kind of hinders you for other classes if you have to get more work done,” Donovan Rolison (11) said.

The student feels the deadlines are tight and that a heavy workload can hinder progress in some classes when there’s a need to focus on others.

“It’s really more to my teachers because I’m doing the work, but it’s like the tests that help when they like, do the test and then that test will cover everything that you are missing or something like that. So if you just do the work,” Rolison said.

It is important to complete assignments and tests to cover missing work.

“Students would help their grades immensely if they could resist using their phones during class. I have seen countless times [when] a student has rushed through an activity such as taking notes or a quiz just so they could return to the mindless activity they were doing on their phone,” Lee said, “This actually confuses the brain as to what is important. Attendance is also a huge issue. Another thing is that students should be reading [the] assigned text, taking and processing notes for their daily class work and managing tasks necessary to be successful in a class.”

Lee believes that students would improve their grades by avoiding phone distractions in class, and also said how important attendance, reading assigned texts and managing tasks are for academic success.

“I didn’t have this at my last school but I’m adjusting by like, like checking all my grades online missing assignments, like emailing my teachers and talking to them,” Ruth Girma (9) said.

Girma is adapting to a new school setting using online tools to check grades, communicating with teachers and managing assignments effectively.

“I think they should remove the deadlines. I think they should like to make more than like to, like have to like two deadlines. Like for one a quarter like how they did in middle school. They have a quarter deadline and then another quarter deadline because I think the quarter deadlines they have now are too short to get your work done on time,” Rolison said.

Rolison believes that removing deadlines and having two-quarter deadlines, like in middle school, would provide more time to complete assignments, as the current deadlines are too short.

Lee said, “These deadlines are necessary and should not be removed. If anything the deadlines should [be] more strict and include an attendance requirement. I feel that too often students are earning passing grades in a class that they should actually be failing, but teachers feel too much pressure from outside forces to truly hold kids accountable.”

Lee believes that deadlines are important and should be stricter, including an attendance requirement, as students might receive passing grades when they should be held more accountable for their performance.

“I feel like just making it like a deadline just makes it more stressful,” said Girma.

With this little amount of time, students feel stressed and pressured to get all their assignments done in a timely manner.

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