Girls Swim and Dive: The Prime Example of Community

Community and how our girls’ swimming team cares deeply about each other.


Gloria Namgung, Editor-in-Chief

The Girls Swim and Dive program is now officially in season as a winter sport. With a recent addition of a new coaching staff, this program has proved it has a lot to offer.

Head Coach Susan Stone is an individual that has been recently introduced to the community. Stone has been a swim coach for over thirty years, previously coaching at Mullen High School for the past eight years. 

“I was drawn to the school and administration here but most importantly the pool, it’s one of the best pools in the state of Colorado,” Stone said. 

In the midst of full-time remote learning during the previous season in 2021, the Girls Swim and Dive program struggled with maintaining teamwork and bonding overall. However, Stone restored harmony within the swimming community this year. 

“There’s a lot of team dinners after school now and I know for sure that our coach is very good with inclusivity,” Tess Durrell said (10). 

With the help of a new staff that ensures every member of this program cooperates as a team, the results show up to be more than successful. 

“I can’t compare her [Coach Susan Stone] to anyone else because I didn’t do swim at this school last year but I’ve seen how she’s really brought our team further,” Alana Behrens said (10).

Head Coach Susan Stone has inevitably made an impact on the Girls Swim and Dive community although her first season isn’t even over yet. The bar has been set high for an incredible coaching staff to represent an equally incredible program.

“These girls are great. They work hard and are very much a family unity that gets along and takes care of each other,” Stone said.  

The Girls Swim and Dive program has proven to be a diligent and persevering team that doesn’t forget inclusiveness within each other throughout the season. These commendable qualities end up being displayed through their performances as hardworking athletes balancing school and handling the pandemic itself.