Student protest after Nashville shooting

Teens continue to ask lawmakers to respond to gun violence


Landon Wood, Staffer

Students continue to protest 11 days after the Nashville school shooting outside the Tennessee  legislature asking for stricter gun restrictions after the Covenant School shooting. 

The shooting resulted in six killed, three nine year olds and three adults.  On wednesday April 5, 2023, students held a national school walkout to ask lawmakers to take action on gun laws.

USA TODAY reported that over 300 demonstrations across 41 states kicked off a week of protest by gun violence survivors and advocates. In an article by Grace Hauck, 15 year old student from Texas, Ryley Collins stated the goal was to “make sure our lawmakers understand that we want more than just thoughts and prayers..”  

While students around the country participated in the walkout, very few at Smoky Hill did. 

“I had dance and I had to choreograph a dance for Dance 1. And, my parents told me not to in case it got violent,” senior Olivia Blatherwick.