Idaho Governor Brad Little signs new Abortion Trafficking law


Sophia Gnyra, Staffer

On Wednesday, April 6, 2023, Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed a bill to restrict an adult from helping a minor get an abortion without the consent of a parent or guardian, naming this new crime. “Abortion Trafficking.”

According to anyone who violates this new law will face two to five years of jail time and could face persecution from the minor’s parents. This offence also includes obtaining abortion pills for a minor, recruiting, and harbouring the pregnant minor without consent from a parent first. 

According to the article, “On the occasion of a parent raping a child, they will not be able to sue, but any person who helped a minor obtain an abortion pill will face a penalty of the abortion trafficking law.” 

In April 2022 Jared Polis Gov. of  Colorado signed the Reproductive Health Act, which grants access to reproductive care and affirms pregnant women have the option to terminate a pregnancy if they see fit. The act restricts those reproductive rights from being stripped from women in Colorado.

“Abortion is a necessary thing that should be available to all women everywhere. Men should have absolutely no say in what a woman does with her body and if a woman wants an abortion she should be able to get one safely and without fear of repercussions. Taking that away is like taking away a form of necessary healthcare,”  Lucy Johnson (9) said.

The difference in these states shows how torn the country is over reproductive rights and how different people are fighting for what they believe is right.