Upcoming PSAT’s


Lily Gibson, Staffer

PSAT’s are right around the corner for students at Smoky Hill. Testing is Wednesday April 12, and every student, 9-11, will spend time in their advisory class working on reading, writing/language, and math tests, taking breaks in between each test to prepare the students for the next one.

In total, the students will spend about 2 hours and 25 minutes answering a total of 120 questions. The advisory classes have already done the preliminary bubbling and passed out student guides, so the they can feel prepared for the upcoming tests. The guide provides additional information such as how to make up the test and how the test questions will look.

Students at Smoky are waiting for the next week, and the opinions from the students don’t seem very excited. Ian Lopez, grade 9, said, “I think its not really helpful to the students. It only helps the school and not the students. It just wastes our time.”