The Winter Season is Almost Here; Here is What Smoky Students Think


Kyla Buchholz

Ivan Parfonov, Staffer

The season is already changing and in less than three weeks winter will be here with its cold climate.

The students at smoky hill are already getting prepared by wearing warmer clothes and some even bringing hot drinks in the morning.

Kyla Buchholz(9) at smoky hill told us “I think the cold weather is great”. She exclaimed, “I love to snowboard, I shred every day all day!” 

She also told us Copper mountain is where she goes and loves to go with friends “With Hannah, T bone, Noah, I’m about to go with Brando this year, you know, I got a good little group,” she explained. 

So there are definitely things to do in the wintertime and different hobbies someone could start doing especially on break.

Another Smoky student Jahidah Bass(11) explained “I love the snow, but like hey it’s so cold.” She said, “during the winter time I spend time with my family and stay in bed comfortably.” Which is definitely a great way to pass by the winter season!

“I don’t really like the cold weather because I just get sick and I hate being sick.” Aileen Loya(10) stated. She also said she loved Pho during the cold season. 

Roman Cardenas(10) at smoky hill said, “I love winter because Christmas is near and I love the snow because we can go sledding with friends and family.”

 A great place to go sledding in colorado is the Ken Caryl sledding hill. A user, Scott Kehoe commented “Love this place. I grew up sledding here in the winters long before it was designated an official park. Now I take my son here. Nice long hill!” 

Some people love the cold and love doing things outside when it’s cold and some are not very fond of the cold but still do find things to do when it is cold.