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The consequences of your actions

Academic recovery policy at school rules violations students bring to the table

This year at Smoky Hill there’s a new policy regarding academic recovery. Students get academic recovery time from being tardy more than four times or being caught without a student ID. Students have three times to be tardy before there is an academic recovery on their fourth time of being late and then that student will serve academic recovery time. When a student is at school they must have their ID out and visible to everyone. This rule is to make sure kids or other people who are not part of the school are not roaming the hallways when they are not supposed to.

“After three violations of not wearing it, there is an email sent to the student’s parents telling them what happened, after five violations a student will get academic recovery time and will have to serve that time in the student’s next off period or if they don’t have an off period, they serve their time next lunch,” Assistant Principal Bruce Jones said.

Smoky Hill has been having problems with people coming into the school who don’t have any association with the school. This rule is made to combat this problem.

“After a fourth time being tardy students, are expected to serve thirty minutes of the academic recovery in their next off period or lunch as well,” Academic Recovery Supervisor Lynett Lucero said.

After a fifth time of being late, a student has to serve ninety minutes of academic recovery.

”I had five tardies and was in there for my off period. I just did homework for thirty minutes” Izac Roh (9) said.

If a student keeps being tardy they will lose some privileges like being able to go to football games or other events after school. After that, a student will have Saturday school. The same punishments apply to being caught without an ID. 

This year the policy on Smoky Hill academic recovery policy has changed, the new academic recovery policy enforces the rules more than it did last year and has some new consequences for not going to academic recovery. With this new policy, students should be more responsible by wearing their ID at all times and will be tardy less.

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