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A Look Into the World of Student Employment

The Pros and Cons of student’s most popular job options
Sam Kristjanson
The job board by Smoky Hill’s graduate center

As the school year wraps up, students at Smoky Hill start to get out into the workforce.

In this article, we unwrap the world of student employment: what it’s really like, and what are the most popular job options for students. 

The amount of students working has made a surprising comeback over the last 10 years.

According to Zippia student employment has been on the rise and still continues to grow. This could be a result of students being exposed to jobs online or could be a result of job fairs like the ones at Smoky Hill, giving students a better look into what their options are. 

“I work at King Soopers because of the convenience. I used to work in fast food but I quit because of bad working conditions and I didn’t like how rushed everything was there which is what led me to work in retail,” Javy Munoz Medellin (10) said.

Retail jobs are the most popular option for students ages ranging from 16-19. As many as 41% of employed students work in retail jobs, which are especially popular during the summer months with 49% of employed students working in this division of work.

Fast food comes in a close second for the most popular division of work for students.

While retail might be more popular, there may be some advantages to working a different kind of job like fast food

“I’ve worked many different kinds of jobs and I’ve noticed that in my experience fast-food restaurants are much easier to get hired at,” Jeffery Carroll (10) said.

Easier hiring, lower hiring ages, free food, and more flexible working hours are all reasons that fast food could be seen as a better option.

“Working in many different jobs has taught me a lot about what I like to do, and I’m sure will be beneficial to me in the long run,” Andrew Wedow (11) said.

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