Summer Jobs

Many kids attending Smoky Hill have jobs for the Summer

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Summer Jobs

Teagan Van Etten, staffer

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Summer is approaching quickly, with that, many students are in the market for a new job. For many students like freshman Sean Ghulati, summer is a perfect time to find a job.

Ghulati said, “Im planning to work at the new Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts. Actually this Sunday I have a meeting with the general manager because they were interested in having me work there.”

For many, a job is all about making money however for Sean, it’s about the gaining of experience.

Ghulati said,“I want a summer job because a lot of other kids also are getting summer jobs and also I wanted to get the working experience also making the money could be good for me.”

Ghulati is 15 and needs a worker permit to get a job. So she will try to get one from the counselors office down stairs.

Ghulati said,“First I needed to get a workers permit so I went down to the achievement office and I got that and I was dressed very nice and I had an interview and they said they were interested in me and i just really hope I get it.”

Sean is a hard worker and is always the one to ask lots of questions. She is very excited about getting a job and is ready take her first steps into adulthood.