The Value of Thanksgiving

Who are you spending this holiday with?


Desire' Young

Desire' Young, Staffer

The sweet smell of your mom’s turkey coming right out of the oven, glazed over with honey and brown sugar. You’re now seated at the dinner table next to your brother or sister and across from your cousin, while your grandma’s world famous mac and cheese is being passed around.

Thanksgiving has been around since 1621 when Plymouth and the Wampanoag colonists came together to celebrate their first harvest. Ever since then it has been celebrated throughout the year and has been a national holiday since 1863. 

Thanksgiving has become more than celebrating a harvest, it’s now to celebrate family and the life you’ve been given. Eschol Nigussie (12), a student here at Smoky Hill High School truly values Thanksgiving because it is “a nice time to reflect over the year and realize that maybe life isn’t perfect, but you still have your friends, family and there’s a lot in life to be thankful for.”

Thanksgiving is a break in the year to genuinely reflect and spend time or remember your family and that is exactly what Kylie Harmon, the librarian at Smoky Hill High School, will be doing. “We get together with family. We always have yellow roses on our table to remember my mom.”

This holiday is filled with sentiments of gratitude as well. 

Shenarra Acquah (12), another student here at Smoky Hill, replied that during Thanksgiving, “I’m going out with my family. So my step dad’s side of the family is coming over this year and it’s the first time we’re going to meet them.”

Acquah, Harmon, and Nigussie have all mentioned they will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their families similarly to how the Plymouth and Wampanoag colonists did: coming together.

When you hear your doorbell ring make sure you open your doors to love, gratitude and thankfulness and to be blessed with the food at your table and your family surrounding it.

Have a great day!