School Threat Targets Smoky Hill Principal and Students

School threat causes growing concern over social media platforms from students


Simone Van de Sande, Staffer

On Monday, Apr. 4, a person by the name of John Smith threatened the Smoky Hill High School community and its Principal Andre Bala.

In less than an hour, students all over Smoky have spread awareness of the possible threat through different social media platforms.  It is unsure if the known threat, John Smith is a high school student or a former student from Smoky.  Smith texted a friend through a well-known social media platform letting him know about his plan the next day.

“Don’t come to school tomorrow, I’m fanning that place down, principal’s office is the first target,” Smith said over a conversation on the Snapchat platform. His friend then went on to post what he had said in his story leading to an uproar all over social media.

Many students are startled by the comment he made and are choosing not to go to school tomorrow due to the possible threat that may take place.