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‘Open’ Student Collab Spaces

The implementation of collab spaces in the new school year has similarities and differences from years previous
Open Student Collab Spaces

Last year at Smoky, the student collab spaces were shut down for about half the year. This is because of vandalism and misuse of the spaces, as well as inappropriate and disruptive behavior.

What are the collaboration spaces, though?

“But really, this was designed as well as the area downstairs, for students to be able to do what they’re doing now, not have to go off campus or, you know, just be able to kind of reflect, think and do homework,” Science teacher Anthony Campos, who was supervising students in the area, said.

Starting off the 2023-2024 school year, only one student area is open, in the upstairs 100s hallway.

There are two reasons for this.

“A small group of individuals who just didn’t take care of the space [last year], causing all areas to be shut down,” Campos said, “Another reason is just supervision hasn’t really been worked out yet, as well.”

Due to these facts, there will only be one collaboration space open, at least for now.

In order to get the main hallway innovative spaces back, students need to keep moving during passing periods.

“Student interactions are the main reason why [the hallway] is a stopping place, so if we have student seating that’s twice as much space for people to stop and not go to class,” Campus Administrator Albert Williams said.

If students continue appropriate behavior in the spaces and make passing periods easier then it could be possible to get them back.

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