Freshman Football Struggles

Freshman football players are experiencing hardships of balancing football, school and social life


Simone Van de Sande, Staffer

Every year student-athletes are getting injured, according to HCC, every 1 in 5 student-athletes get concussed or injured from football every year. Football has one of the highest concussed rates there is, having 64-76.8% of exposure rates to concussions.

The end of football season is coming up, the final stretch is here. Even with it being the end of the season, boys on the freshman football team are dropping out left and right.  Many get injured and not being able to play the rest of the season, while some are dropping out for other reasons, such as family, mental health, or grades.[

According to Smoky Hill student Evan Hayes, it’s not easy being a full-time student and athlete.

“It’s hard because it takes all your time after school, but I dropped out because of injuries,” said Hayes (9).

Hayes, a running back for the freshmen football team was injured at one of his games.  According to studies, football has one of the highest rates of concussions, traumatic brain injuries and certain brain disorders compared to other sports.

Hayes also states that injuries weren’t the only reason.

“It’s hard being both a student and an athlete its a lot of stress,” said Hayes.

Juggling football, grades, and social life is a difficult task for many student-athletes according to Hayes.

Injuries and stress aren’t the only reason that football players are quitting football, according to Markus Greene, there are other reasons for quitting such as family.

“Practice ending late and my mom getting mad at me for it, but I was already thinking of quitting anyways,” said Greene (9).

Practice ending later is the main reason for Greene dropping out.

For many juggling school, family, social life and grades may be too much. How do you juggle sports and school during your freshman year? Is there a way to do it all, while still being able to have a social life? These are some of the many questions for the freshman football team.