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Climbing to the top

School, Nationals, and many competitions.

Tori Griffey, Staffer

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Everyone has a different high school experience but for one student it is very different for the rest. Traveling the country and winning competitions  all across the world, Jordan Fishman climbs through challenges.


Over the past few months Fishman has won many awards. He just won the title for the Pan-America Speed and Climbing Championship.


“It was dope,” said Jordon Fishman.


He then talked about how its is crazy that he has only been climbing for five years and it’s crazy how he’s already traveling to places nationally. Fishman wants to continue to keep climbing and competing for multiple more years.


But as a highschool student it must be very hard to balance his time in between climbing, competing, school, homework, and being social. Jordan figured out a way to balance his time despite all of the things that he does.


“ I do my homework the day that I get it and don’t usually leave anything last minute to make sure I always have time to climb,” said Jordan Fishman.


Jordan Fishman is always trying to compete for the top while being in high school. He has won many awards and travels nationally to compete. In the next month he will be going to nationals and making sure that he gets all of his homework done and having fun with his friends.

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Climbing to the top