Valentine’s Day

The day full of gifts, food and most of all love! Continue reading to find out what fellow students do for Valentine's Day.

Charlie Pedderson, Staffer

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Every Feb. 14, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones. In order to commemorate St. Valentine, every year, couples and family members  celebrate their love for eachother.


For the ones in a relationship

Jordan Simon plans to spend her day with her special someone

“later in the day because of school, but definitely in the weekend.” She wants to get “ candy, and cute handwritten notes” for her other half. Over-all Jordan thinks Valentine’s day “is really cute, for like an extra day to show your partner that you love them, but when you’re single, I understand that it might suck for you because the atmosphere around you is lovey-dovey.”

Darrius Gaw plans to spend his day “ not with her until 7 because that’s when practice ends.” He hasn’t gotten his presents yet but he plans on getting her “ chocolates and flowers.” Overall he thinks Valentine’s day “is a nice way to show someone that you care about them and spend a little bit of money on them.”


For the singles

Haleigh Borrusch plans to spend her day by “going out with some friends and then going to dinner.” Haleigh will get her friends gifts. “Probably just stuffed animals and candy.” she says. Overall she thinks Valentine’s day “is a pointless day because it’s stupid. You should love everyone everyday, not just one day.”

Logan Joe plans to spend his day “lonely.” But he will “maybe” get gifts for loved ones or family members. Overall he thinks Valentine’s day “is a good holiday but not when you’re single.”  

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