The 2018/19 Senior prank

The senior prank this year went a little differently as the seniors camped in the school parking lot


Brennon Fuller Tori Griffey, Staffer

Senior pranks are something many people look forward to when entering high school. Some senior pranks consist of painting on cars, or putting random objects in the school. But this senior prank was a little different.


The seniors this year went camping in the schools senior parking lot over Sunday night and into Monday morning following the senior exit assembly. Alaina Whitten, one of the organizers of this prank said, “We organized the prank in the Senior class GroupMe so everyone who wanted to be involved could be. We ended up having about 20-30 people come through on that Monday morning, mainly just the seniors that have been the most involved throughout the years like those who went to the pep rallies, games and who were apart of student government.”


This specific senior prank was a plan that this senior class has been planning for years. “The prank didn’t really have a real name but it became a tradition since our freshman year. The plan didn’t go exactly to plan [because we got kicked out by the deans and security], but we still very much enjoyed ourselves with one last little shabang for our high school experience, and thankfully no one lost the privilege to walk at graduation,” Whitten said.


The senior prank overall surprised many people when they pulled into the parking lot Monday morning and saw many of those seniors camping out. The prank didn’t exactly go to plan but it was something that created memories and a day most won’t forget.