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Testing the limits of the new policies at Smoky

It can be debated whether or not student IDs and bathrooms are proven to be effective in the Smoky climate

On Aug. 28,  I decided to test the limits of the new policy and the consequences of those policies.  

For over 20 minutes I walked around with no student ID and also had the incorrect bathroom pass in the wrong area of the building. 

In that time period, I counted over 15 staff members passing me, only counting the staff I passed when I was in the wrong place. 

Out of those 15, 13 were teachers and 2 were administrators, and none of them stopped me. But what would you expect? If these policies aren’t being enforced, let alone being told to the teachers to be held “responsible” to enforce it.

What is the point of these passes if they’re not going into effect at all? This goes to my question for the staff: why would you choose to start enforcing these passes if they haven’t worked in the past and aren’t working today? 

Over those 20 minutes in the hall, I observed that the majority of the students who were in the hall were the same students. 

They had been in the hall just as long as I am and no one noticed nor cared to stop any of us. If the passes are made to be such a big deal, then why aren’t they working? 

It seems pointless to have these rules if they aren’t going to be followed or reinforced if people aren’t going to listen or follow the rules.

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