Summer Shenanigans

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Summer Shenanigans

Walter Bustamante, Staffer

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This year, Smoky Hill will be playing Summer Shenanigans Bingo  instead of holding a summer reading contest. The Summer Shenanigans Bingo Board has tiles with different activities that you must fill out to get rewards.

Smoky Hill English teach Kristen Gurzick said that only Smoky Hill is playing Bingo this summer. “It will get kids more engaged, the Bingo board has a lot of activities that doesn’t require money.”

The librarians made a QR code and links with the bingo board that should help encourage students to help themselves and their community.

The people who run the Bingo board have created a remind group and a hashtag #SHHSummerShenanigans.

The rules are simple: the more columns you finish, the better prizes you will receive at the end such as, movie passes, restaurant gift cards, and Smoky Hill SWAG. Everyone is eligible to enter the Bingo match.

There are three tiers for prizes given out in the bingo game:

Level One: Just read any book and take a picture of you reading it.

Level Two: Just getting a bingo five squares in a row any direction

Level Three: Completely fill out the Bingo board.

The school will trust people on being honest when filling out the Bingo board and will overlook if you were to forget to take a picture of yourself filling out an activity.

A lot of stuff counts toward filling out the Bingo Board.”To fill out the ethnic cuisine square on the Bingo board you can simply go to Panda Express.” Ms Gurzick explained.

The schools would like a picture for proof for every Bingo tile you fill out by sharing it with there Snapchat which is #SHHSummerShenanigans or by showing them personally with your phone or a friends phone. 

This is going to be the first year for Summer Shenanigans that there’s only one Bingo Board so everyone has the same objectives.

You can start playing the Summer Shenanigans Bingo Board this summer until Labor day. Happy hunting!