Study Tips During Quarantine

Here are some study tips for remote learning during quarantine


Arian Jensen

These past few weeks have been hectic. Having to shift to online can be very stressful, but it is also very important to keep up with all your classes and making sure you do your assignments on time. “I personally would say that it’s most productive for me to do all or most of my work when I first get it rather than waiting for the last minute,” said  Deonte Rivers. Here are some study tips that are very helpful for all students.


  • Make a plan.

Having a set plan for when you are going to do your assignments is key.


  • Be organized.

                      When you organize all your work, it will be less stressful to find everything.


  • Music.

                      Having the right type of music can boost your energy and focus.


  • Study with friends.. ONLINE.

                     If you have friends in the same class as you, you can always go to them       

                     and they can help with studying or if you have questions about an 

                     Assignment, they can help.


  • Break time.

                      If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, take a break, maybe go get a 

                      snack and watch some TV. But make sure you’re right back on track!


  • Set goals.

                      If you have due dates for assignments, set times/days for when you are 

                      going to do those assignments.


  • Focus.

                      The more focused you are, the more things you will get accomplished.


  • Treat yourself.

                     Once you get your assignments done, go do something for yourself, you 

                    very much deserve it!