Smoky Hills New Turf Field

How Smoky Hills new turf field is going to impact the school.


Marcus Risley , Staffer

We at Smoky Hill are getting a turf field at our school. The construction workers have been working on our fields for about a month and a half. The deadline for the turf field is November 1st according to Mr. Thompson. 

“It is something that we have pushed for a very long time that the district finally decided we need a turf field,” said Thompson. The turf will allow football, soccer, and lacrosse to all have a good field to play on. Something that wasn’t just dirt.  

“The field in the long run will help us save a lot of money in the long run. We won’t have to water the fields, and we will be able to use the fields more often in the summer,” said Mullan. In the long run this turf will help us excel our sports program. Also it will help us save money and put it back into our school. 

Turf fields will also allow us a more safe environment to play sports. The ground is level.  The sports turf levels the playing for both teams playing the sport they are playing. Also the field is versatile and durable. The turf fields can handle heavy use and endure multiple different weather conditions. 

Since turf doesn’t grow it is always ready to play. The turf is never needs cut or fertilized . The field has no bugs and is always in amazing condition to play. The field won’t deteriorate in certain areas like grass fields. 

All and all this turf field will help Smoky Hill in a major way. It will save us money, make sure that our players stay safe, and can handle almost every condition of weather and is very durable. This field is gonna be one big positive for Smoky Hill!