Showing off what off periods can do

What students do during their off periods


Ivan Parfonov, Staffer

All thanks to off periods, students have been receiving way more time to do their homework, have breaks, and just enjoy school way more.

It has given students enough time to balance their personal lives and school work, with a lot of students completing work during their off periods, they are able to go home and enjoy their free time. Also, it gives students breaks between their long and hard school days where they can go get food or just relax with their friends.

“I think the school made off periods so that kids can have a little bit of free time and also have some time to catch up on work during school hours,” said Alexandra Lopez (11), “Usually I catch up on schoolwork for my next upcoming class, or I have time to get food if I haven’t before,”. 

Alexandra stated that she has a ton of time when she comes back from CCIC and is able to do a variety of things before her last class of the day on green days. She told us that she, unfortunately, didn’t have a lot of friends with the same off period as her but she said sometimes that’s good because she can focus more on her school work, and finish it more efficiently and faster. 

We asked Alexandra if she would ever change her off periods and she said, “Honestly, I like the off period that I have now because it’s really convenient for my schedule. But I would. I would add another off period. So that it can be convenient to my red days,”.

Sophomore Taaron Ashton told us that off periods have been very beneficial for him. He stated, “It gives me an extra hour and a half and I can go to the library or cafeteria I can do even more homework than just my normal class. I think more than enough actually,”.

He told us he enjoys off periods but there should be some changes to help the people that are trying to complete their work, he explains, “Workspaces probably make it so you have more freedom to where you want to work. And then I feel like you should be sometimes in a quiet environment. Because sometimes when you collaborate it can be loud, the same thing with innovation centers they can be loud time to time too,”. 

Taaron is trying to hint that there should be specific areas made for people to complete their work that is always quiet or at least most of the time and maybe even vending machines added on around with different snacks for students to buy to have something to enjoy while doing school work.

We also asked Taaron what he thinks is the best off period and he claimed, “Third period because you get both lunches and that means you get to see both of your friends that you know, have different lunches or whatever. Stuff that you get to, you know, go to both and you get to eat more than most people also you have way more time than other offs,”.

If off periods ever went away he said he would take weight training. He expressed, “Weight training is good exercise and I feel like everyone should take it at least some time throughout high school, also it gives you your health credits,”.

Lastly, we interviewed sophomore Natalya Roman. She was asked if she was the principal, and how would she feel about off periods.

“I would introduce tutors to help children that don’t have the same off as their teachers and have special areas for kids to go and complete work or get help from a tutor,” she said. This addition would bring amazing possibilities for the school and help tons of kids with poor grades!