Security Restricting Students

You either have to be in the Library or in the Cafeteria.

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Security Restricting Students

Stephanie Martinez, Staffer

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Almost every student at Smoky has been told to get out of the hallways at least once even if they weren’t disrupting or disturbing anyone.

Students get told to leave the hallways and Activities and to go to the Library or the Cafeteria, by security and teachers. Usually students stay in the hallways because they have nowhere to go or any where to be.

I´Talia Brown, junior, thinks it’s unfair that security always tells her and other students to go to the library or cafeteria. “They kick out everybody, even if you’re just walking past they just tell you to go somewhere else,” Brown said. 

The area they mostly tell students to leave is the main hallway by the math and social studies resource center and the front of the Dean’s office right by the Lecture Center.

Brown is mostly bothered by security restricting where students can be because she works best in the hallways than in the library or cafeteria, “They don’t allow us to sit in the hallways and do our work anymore. They just make us go to the cafeteria and how am I supposed to study in the cafeteria when it’s always loud. Not everyone wants to go in the library.”

At any given time the Library is always full of kids and although it’s not usually loud, it does get crowded. The Cafeteria is loud and it’s not a good place to go if you want to study. 

Brown thinks that if no one is being bothered then they shouldn’t get told to leave. “If you’re not bothering anyone, it’s not causing a problem. Why should I have to leave if someone else is causing a problem?”

Jayla Lindsey, junior, agrees. “I feel like they should let us be anywhere as long as we are not bothering anyone.”

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