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OPINION: School Volleyball vs. Volleyball Club

What are the differences between club volleyball and school volleyball?

Volleyball is a common team sport everywhere, it’s in schools, colleges, organizations, and so much more. Volleyball athletes look to practice and get better at their sport in places that are practical, and usually easy. 

One of the most important ways to improve is through practice and games. Practicing on your own can be easy but in a team sport knowing how to work together is so crucial, and will help evolve the skills of the player. That’s why looking for a team from a school or club is very important. But which one is easier?

Volleyball club is an organized by organizations, in Colorado there are multiple popular ones like Elevation, Denver Juniors, Momentum, and more. It can go on for about 4-6 months, and depending on the club, can allow traveling out of state or in state.

Some clubs promote developing skills within a team or player, it can help significantly increase a players performance with the long months the players participate.

But the downside to it is the fees. Volleyball club on average costs about 3,000$ to 5,000$, which is all the travel, hotel, and uniform fees the club provides.

Tryouts aren’t the easiest either. Some clubs, like Denver Juniors, have multiple teams to allow more players to be accepted on a team. However not all clubs are like that. Most clubs strive for good players, cutting a lot of athletes when tryouts occur. 

On the other hand, school volleyball is somewhat different.

School volleyball can cost money but is significantly lower than club volleyball. Depending on the district and school, the average is 50$ – 200$ for uniforms alone.

However, the school volleyball season is only about a month and a half long, and is harder to get into. Schools cut girls at tryouts to about 10 girls per team, and there are over fifty students trying out every year.

Not only that, if you do make the team, practices are everyday after school, making it difficult to balance sports and school. It also does not travel far like club, it stays within the district, traveling to other schools.

Both have pros and cons to them. Someone who cannot afford club should definitely try for school, but if they do have money for club it’s an amazing experience and helps alot with practice as it’s longer than school volleyball. Although it all depends on the person overall, both are great to try for and come out with experience. 

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