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Opinion | Homecoming ticket pricing is too high

The cost of homecoming tickets isn’t accessible to the significant amount of Smoky students who cannot afford them
Blake Price

As homecoming season approaches, most students are excited about the dance. I know I was- until I saw the ticket prices. 

School ticket prices are the result of components like hiring the DJ, security for the night and decorations, as well as some of the money going to other activities. Other activities include senior celebrations, world awareness and prizes that get given away during Wish Week. 

I think the ticket prices are unfair for some students who are on the line of poverty in the Aurora community. 

10.2% of Aurora’s population lives below the poverty level, as contrasted with the 3.02% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in Centennial, CO (3.3k out of 109k people) and the 3.18% in Douglas County, CO. 

Considering the high percentage of poverty in Aurora, people living off government checks might not get the privilege of doing what they want to do because of money that goes to bills, food and other needs that are necessary for their own or their children’s well-being.

This might make some students feel left out when the time comes for all the homecoming activities due to them not having enough money to do these activities.

Smoky Hill and its staff strive to make a comfortable and supported space for students’ mental health. But, being left out of important high school activities might impact the effectiveness of this undertaking with high ticket prices having the chance of creating a negative space for the student body. 

I think the ticket prices should be lowered to $10 to accommodate the students who are under the poverty line, and ensure everyone gets to experience important high school activities.

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