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Next Step!

No Stress! Start now and bond with Colleges that interest you, open your eyes to new things that will benefit your next step in life.

Christine Bailey, Staffer

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I’d like to think of myself as a organized person. A person who likes to be ahead of the game to make all situations easy no matter how hard they may be. There were times I would start my day with stress, not knowing anything about the next step in my life. Last year everybody told me senior would be a piece of cake, well it isn’t really a fact without a plan. A plan sets a idea and preparation for the next step.


Representatives from college admissions visit the Smoky Hill Post Grad Center presenting  informational programs to prospective students, parents, and counselors hoping to encourage students in long range planning. “ I felt more comfortable in my decision making, it opened my eye to what the application process is going to be like” says Alexandra Jiminson a former senior that has attended the Oregon University meeting. “ I definitely want to sign up for more”.


Searching through these college websites can be beneficial but the question may pop up in why it’s useful to  attend these face to face sessions. Reps have a chance to evaluate students and the school to see if students are a great fit for their college. “ I thought it was informative, i found out through naviance and post grad center, I signed up for all of them, the meeting basically tells you how to get more info if attending colleges and how to apply” says Cristyle Smith a senior that attended the Duke University meeting. “ make sure you ask lots of questions, and more about majors” implies Smith.


Students attending these meetings find it as a eye opener and a great start to the next step. Reps meet with these students in small groups to discuss academic programs, campus living, financial aid and admission procedures of their college. You will also be given the chance to ask questions that can create a starting point for students. Eshan Sahai another former senior says “ I went to 3 meetings so far, I heard about it last year and the meeting basically tells you all about the school itself and you get a broad understanding on what the process is”.


The Post Grad preserves a variety of informational resources, and reference books that will benefit students and parents through the college/career process. Keep calm and use the resources available and meet with College Reps that visit.


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