Job Opportunities for SHHS Students

Looking for a Summer Job?

It might be a little difficult for teenagers to find a job right now, especially with all of the COVID-19 Paranoia that went on within the last year. Sophomores or Junior that are looking for a part-time summer job, this article might help give some ideas as to who’s hiring, how much they pay, and their required work hours. 


People who love to be outside and be in the sun, might consider is a groundskeeper position for the CCSD Groundskeeping Administration. Starting this summer, they will be trying to hire specifically high-schoolers who like to be outdoors.


A lot of teachers at school will say that going with fast food and retailing cannot be wrong. Both of these pay a decent wage and have fairly flexible work hours. Places that have a sharp rise in business during the summer, like car washes, for example, are looking to hire around this time of year.Stores with garden centers, like Home Depot, will hire young people to be sales clerks.


Another good option is becoming an assistant to a coach for Parks and Recreation little league sports teams, especially if sports and the outdoors are a top priority. Erin Vogel works as the SHHS work-based learning specialist.“I think it is vital for the lives of Sophomores and Juniors to work. The first thing I always tell students looking for a job is searching close to home. The second thing I always tell them is to at all times consider availability,” said Vogel. 


If swimming during the summer is a need, then consider becoming a lifeguard for one of the local pools or recreation centers. This job has a fairly decent pay rate and can be reasonable with work hours. Plus, one can complete their training either at the recreation center or by taking the class at SHHS. If one is interested in pop culture, then being a movie theater ticket salesperson might be a great choice. They pay a good salary, and they allow employees to get discounts.


While a lot of teens may not like to do dishes, being a dishwasher at a local restaurant or eatery pays decent money. It might be hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end. “Another thing I would encourage students to do is make sure it’s ok with their parents first, because if they’re not okay with it, they might get mad at their student for disobedience,” said Vogel


Another option, is to deliver groceries that people have ordered online. It pays well and boosts physical activity, making it good for the body as well as for earning money.If working with animals is a top pick, this job might be one of interest. Walking dogs or pet sitting is a great way to earn money over a long break like summer vacation.


If none of these interest you or have any questions about what kind of jobs are available, you can contact Erin Vogel by emailing [email protected] or calling (720)-747-2980. If you can’t get ahold of Ms. Vogel, there are also lots of websites that can help you find a job that suits you well. For instance, is a good tool, but even google searching “Teen Jobs Aurora Colorado” can be a good resource for finding a job.

Here are a few job listings in Aurora:

  • Theatre Team Member at Cinemark USA Aurora Mall – Pays $12.00-$13.50 an hour. Located at 14300 East Alameda Avenue, Aurora, CO, 80012. Phone Number: (303)-363-0300.
  • Restaurant Team Member at Chipotle Southlands – Pays $12.32-$14.77 an hour. Located at 24100 East Commons Avenue, Aurora, CO, 80016. Phone Number: (303)-400-3855.
  • Cashier at Smashburger Hoffman Heights – Pays $10.31 an hour. Located at 13700 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO, 80011. Phone Number: (720)-505-4605.
  • Front End Cashier at Kneader’s Bakery Aurora – Pays up to $14 an hour. Located at 14455 East Arapahoe Road, Aurora, CO, 80016. Phone Number: (303)-996-0601.
  • Host/Hostess at Senor Ric’s Mexican Restaurant – Pays $12-$15 an hour. Located at 13200 East Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO, 80012. Phone Number: (303)-750-9000.