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The student news site of Smoky Hill High School

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Freshman Class

first year experience.

Jair Thompson, Staffer

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Being a freshman coming into high school can be scary, but how you deal with it can make or break your whole high school experience. High school comes with a lot of changes and helps you start finding who you really are.

This years freshman in Smoky Hill all said that they’ve had good years, some more than others. For instance, freshman Omar Ahram had what he said was the best year of his life, where other freshman such as Mikayla Alderton said it was just an alright year full of a lot of ups and downs.

Other freshman like Annabelle Pedderson and Liam Grimble both said that the amount of homework that they get now really can get overwhelming sometimes. Pedderson really feels that it would’ve been a lot more helpful for her middle school to help prepare students for high school by maybe giving a bit more homework in middle school.

Freshman Zain Terazi said he has had a good year and has tried his hardest to keep good grades and he’s used AVID to do that. He also said that he really wishes that he had the power to change the freshman can’t go off campus rule, which freshman Sophia Miller also agreed. These two kids both take honors or advanced placement (AP) classes along with mostly all the freshman in this, but Terazi and Miller both have excelled and gotten amazing

grades in these classes.

Maggie Robbens was probably one of the most prosperous freshman athletes this year swimming on varsity and completely dominating all of her competition and she still has three more years left to improve. Another very good athlete in the freshman class is Ebenezer Fitsum who spoke on how basketball helped him improve in school making him focus more on his grades so that he wouldn’t let his team down.

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The student news site of Smoky Hill High School
Freshman Class