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“Crisis Actors” in Florida shooting

What people really thought of the Florida shooting.

Tiffany Beers, Staffer

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Not that long ago, there was an attack in Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas high school. That left 17 dead last week. Theories have spread to say that students were paid as a “Crisis actors”.


David Hogg, age 17 was one of the students labeled as a “Crisis actors”. He was also of one the many students, who’s calling to the government, to act on gun control. Where he is most well known on YouTube, that’s #1 and trending on Wednesday morning. Making him the main focus of all the conspiracy theories that’s been growing.


By the media appearances following the attack at his school. Because of what’s been going on YouTube took the video down. Which has been viewed over 200,000 times. Many of the people who have seen the video were not to pleased with it.


The user “Ggroflhax312” commented on the video saying “Crisis actor.” Hogg’s been said that his father is a FBI agent. Believing he and others have been coached by gun control advocates. Having people think students are paid “Crisis actors”. This got Hogg very upset and denied the whole thing.


About the theories on Google, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media. People say he wasn’t actually an eyewitness to the shooting at all. That, and when Hogg was interviewed about the shooting, he supposedly forgot his lines while talking to the camera. While looking up Hogg’s name in a site, it shows a range of similar videos that he does.


Being supposed proof of this claim. Where he’s been used to comment on news stories before. Yet, during this time he claimed, to be in California where his family use to live. Causing him to be forced, to defend himself on CNN. Where he says what he thinks, of all the rumors about him.

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“Crisis Actors” in Florida shooting