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Spanish Language and Culture Course

Learn about the many things that the Spanish Language and Culture course has to offer to bring the latino community together

Spanish Language and Culture is a class that teaches about common customs and traditions shared throughout all of Latin-America/Spanish speaking countries. Students who take this class often learn about differences between familiar environments and Latin-American environments while being challenged to think about how one might feel about overall themes. 

Many of the students taking Spanish Lang. and Culture are native Spanish speakers who can often make connections to their own Latino culture.

One of the main ideas taught about Hispanic culture is the importance of community. Often, teachers at Smoky Hill will show the common Latino household as a tightly knit place full of sharing and celebrations. But Spanish Lang. delves deeper into the Hispanic lifestyle and it’s problems.

One of the films recently watched in Spanish Lang. was the short film Bibi. Bibi is a film that focuses on the idea of intersectionality, and how Hispanic culture often judges people based on a person’s attributes or intersectionalities such as sexuality. 

These topics are often brought up in order to challenge students on their beliefs, opinions or points of view on certain topics.

Sra. Larrahona makes clear her love for teaching the class and its more controversial topics.

“For me it’s an opportunity to use both of my abilities. I am a history teacher, as well as a Spanish teacher, so this allows me to be both. Especially to teach kids about things they have never thought about regarding Latino culture,” she said. 

Furthermore, Larrahona states that apart from teaching her students how to read and write, the class can discuss themes about “identity, the contemporary world and art … that’s a huge positive because it gives kids a wider perspective on the Latin world,” 

Many students agree on that point, and are grateful for the freedom the class can provide.

“I think it’s really neat. Just listening and getting to learn a lot about central and South America, the culture, the people and things that I never thought I would have learned,” Deena Safiulla (12). 

For Deena, taking Spanish Lang. and Culture isn’t just about culture. It’s about mannerisms, and learning how Spanish native speakers really talk.

“It’s really neat to be in a class with native speakers because it helps me realize the way that people actually talk in real life versus what we’re taught in this formal setting,” she said. 

Spanish Lang. offers more than just a mix of backgrounds. If you’re thinking of taking this class, you can find benefits like access to the National Spanish Honor Society. You could also gain college credits with the AP Spanish test.

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