A Day in the Life of a Pastor During Quarantine

Churches under Quarantine are experiencing many hardships


Dawson Patterson, Reporter

We’re all going through hard times right now, with us being in quarantine because of the outbreak. But, in these troubling moments, pastors and churches really have it hard. Pastors are in charge of running different ministries throughout the church community, and right now, people in that community can’t gather in large groups for church services. But, the church itself is really struggling at the moment, with people not being able to physically attend events, major events being canceled, and the community not donating much money to help the church through this pandemic, it’s just extremely difficult to keep a business like a church operating at times like these.

Bobby Estes, a pastor at, Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church, in Aurora CO said, ” The biggest differences are the responsibilities I have as far as serving the church community.” When asked to give an example, he said, “When I’m trying to teach bible study, I have to do it in a ZOOM call.”  When asked what is different in the daily life of the church, Estes said, “The church is called by god to serve the community with open arms, and that is very difficult during quarantine.”

Bryce Ulrich, an executive pastor at MABC said, “Now that we can’t see each other, we are having to come up with more creative ways to keep in touch and study the bible.” When he was asked how quarantine affects the church community, he answered, “I think that the church itself is being affected negatively in the way that we can’t be together. On the positive side, the church is being affected in ways like adapting so quickly to a big change like this one.” When I asked him to give some examples of creative ways to keep in touch, he replied, ” Were starting to do things like window visits, where a pastor goes up to the window of one of the older couples in the church community and chats with them. We’ve also been doing events on the go, like when we went to the houses of little kids and hid Easter Eggs in their backyards for them to find. ZOOM has also been a excellent tool to help us out with doing things like bible study and church services.”

As you can see, churches have it really hard right now, but, they are quickly adapting to the change. People are now serving the community in ways we couldn’t ever have imagined. Churches are indeed having difficulties, but they are using this pandemic as a blessing to help them reach even farther out into the community of the City of Denver.