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Social Studies Guest Speaker

Smoky Hill High School has a guest speaker that teaches safety rules for students

Bianca Richerson, Staffer

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In room 1-107, a social studies class introduces a guest speaker named Colleen Potton. Potton works at South Metro Fire Department and has been working there for nine years now.

Potton explains what she taught to the class,  I came in today to teach this class about the fire department and and how they work in the community and we’re also talking about what to do when there is a fire in your home and just how to be safe if you are in that type of situation.” Potton explained what she does at the fire department. “I am a risk reduction specialist and my job is to reduce the 911 calls for happening and if it does then we go out to help the person that has called.”

Potton interacted with the students by having activities. “We first worked on group activities with pictures so they can see some examples of what to do and what not to do when a fire takes place and we also played games like trivia so they can learn more.” Potton said she was really happy that she got to come to Smoky to teach a great group of kids and she won’t forget it.


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Social Studies Guest Speaker