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Smoky Hill AVID Party!

A family that plays together stays together!

Jair Thompson, Staffer

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Yesterday the Smoky Hill AVID class had a party to celebrate this semester and bring some fun to some of the students who are super stressed.One of the things at the AVID get together was a lot of food, A gift exchange, and an ugly outfit competition.

When you hear of AVID something you are always told is that AVID is family. Things like these get togethers show that and expresses how close AVID really is to each other. As an AVID student these get togethers help me meet new students from other classes and bond with all the other people in our AVID family.

The AVID program is trying to create a second AVID class for the 10th graders next year and possibly our incoming 9th graders depending on on how many students apply. To apply to get into AVID you can go to the AVID coordinator Mrs. Eaton’s office, and take an application from the outside of her office and you can talk to her about doing it so she knows your face. Also on the wall you can see a lot of the things that we do in AVID such as tutorial request forms, talk to your teacher forms, and also thursday workday forms.

In AVID there is a lot of work that you have to be ready to do, but it isn’t ever complicated and it almost always repeats so you do the same work multiple times. You will also make about 15-20 new friends that will help you get used to it if you really need it.

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Smoky Hill AVID Party!