Skipping Thanksgiving

Right around the corner yet, Christmas is still taking over Thanksgiving


Faven Getnet, Staffer

Thanksgiving is the one day a year when families visit and gather around the table to have a Thanksgiving meal. Yet, lots of Americans are still worried about what gifts they’re going to give to their families and friends for Christmas.

Right after Halloween, Christmas is the only thing people talk about for the next two months until the new year comes. I know a lot of people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it doesn’t really relate to their culture or religion. 

But this special holiday is the time to acknowledge the things you’re thankful for in your life, while Christmas brings presents. Thanksgiving break is a tease compared to the Christmas holiday break. I myself enjoy Christmas break and the holiday more than Thanksgiving for the two-week off break and the presents.

According to a new survey from Personal Capital, “1-in-4 Americans this year are planning on skipping Thanksgiving this year to save more money. While a majority of 68% of Americans said they still plan to celebrate the holiday this year,”.

Most people are already setting up their own Christmas decorations outside of their houses, even their Christmas trees. Thanksgiving is still a great holiday that should not be thrown to the side.

Christmas having bigger holiday sales is no surprise, this holiday is being celebrated all around the world. Even though Thanksgiving is an American holiday, we as a community should at least be celebrating with our family and friends and remember the things in life we are thankful for every day.