SAT Retakes

A look into SAT retakes, the benefits and how to sign up


Joseph Serna, Staffer


SAT Retakes are right around the corner and are perfect for students looking to maximize potential scholarships and chances at better schools. Deadlines are October 7th, 2022.

“With my experience, students usually tend to do better on their second take of the SAT, just because they are familiar with the questions and know what to expect,” said Smoky Hill counselor Trina Visocky. Counselors at the school are a great source to learn more about retaking it. 

According to Visocky and post-grad counselor Kerry Horst, retaking the SAT all depends on the student and thinking about qualifications when applying to schools and certain goals for that student.

“It’s up to the student, and if their first score is just under qualifying, and if it is their top school, it is definitely worth it,” said Horst. Different schools have different requirements and these counselors are there to help guide students to choose what is best for them. 

Senior Mikayla Harmon used her counselors to help her with the SATs. Harmon said that her counselors were a big help in finding out what to do when signing up. “It’s actually really easy, you just have to go to College Board, fill out some questions, choose a testing place, and pay for the test,” said Harmon.

College Board’s retakes are on November 5th and December 3rd and the price for a retake is $60. For the November 5th retake, the deadline is October 7th and for the December 3rd retake, the deadline is November 3rd. There are multiple schools chosen as testing centers for the College Board in Colorado, many of these schools are in the Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) and nearby school districts, for more information on testing centers visit here.

With the due date for retaking the SAT winding down, students might need extra help with trying to improve their scores. According to senior Rithika Thummalapenta, College Board has multiple ways to study and prepare for the test.

“In College Board, they give you free test prep through Khan Academy and that’s what really helped me the most,” said Thummalapenta. In addition to the free test prep, there are multiple books at Smoky and free practice test material online. 

Students that struggled on their first attempt at the SAT have the choice to retake it later this semester.

To register for College Boards’ SAT Retakes.