Review | World’s Finest Chocolate Bars

What is your favorite chocolate flavor?


Photo Credits: Desire' Young

Desire' Young, Staffer

The World’s Finest Chocolate bars is a fundraiser that multiple schools do, to sell various types of chocolate for $1. The types of chocolate offered are almond, milk chocolate, caramel, crisp, dark chocolate and wafer.

If you haven’t heard of this fundraiser but the chocolates sound appealing, keep reading to know what they taste like.

Starting with the almond chocolate bar, it is covered with milk chocolate with almonds inside. This is the perfect chocolate for people who like nuts and have a sweet tooth to complement milk chocolate.

Moving on to the milk chocolate, it’s sweet and astringent. You can tell that it is a light flavor and isn’t overpowering your taste buds.

Carmel is a favorite because of the gooey, rich, sweet flavor that you get in every bite surrounded by milk chocolate. This is the perfect chocolate for people with an extra sweet tooth.

The crisp chocolate bar is very firm and crunchy. This chocolate bar is great for the ones who need a crunch or an extra flavor in their chocolate.

Dark chocolate tastes bitter and not so much flavorful as a sweet tooth person would prefer. The flavor doesn’t spark my taste buds.

The wafer is a unique chocolate flavor, giving you a crunch in each bite, surrounded by milk chocolate.

If someone comes up to you asking if you want to buy a chocolate for $1 and you’re having a hard time choosing, remember this review and choose the one that best suits your taste.