Prom Week Prep.

For many prom is a pivotal part of the high school experience and it is quickly becoming relevant to Smoky students

Sofiia Znakharenko, Co-Editor

Prom is quickly approaching for the students of Smoky Hill, with the ‘Enchanted’ dance taking place on Saturday, April 29 from 8-11 p.m. at the historic Mile High Station, and schoolwide prom preparations are beginning to ramp up. 

“I bought my dress really early because usually they go out [of stock] pretty fast. And just, like, kind of planning what I’m gonna do with friends before and after, what I want to do with my hair, and just that kind of thing,” Abrielle Martinez (12) said.

As well as student planning, the administration and Student Government classes at Smoky are making arrangements to advertise and set up prom. One of these ventures is “Prom Week,” a spirit week to herald in the whimsical dance, with the different enchanted and fairytale themed dress days including: 

  • Monday: Green Day (Dress up in green)
  • Tuesday: Enchanted Pair (Twin Day) 
  • Wednesday: Vine Day (Dress up as your favorite meme or vine)
  • Thursday: Tourist in the Forest (Dress like a tourist) 
  • Friday: Sleeping Beauty (PJ Day) 

Not only does this week hope to provide an opportunity for everyone to display their school spirit and excitement regarding the event, but it’s also a chance for one person from each class to win best dressed for every day of the week. One person per day wins the prize, which differs from class to class. Current Juniors and Sophomores stand to win a free prom ticket for the upcoming school year and Freshmen receive a free homecoming ticket.