Opinion | Is Disney Worth Your Money?

Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, is Disney worth the costs that are needed for entry?


Lily Gibson, Staffer

Disney, which is considered the happiest place on earth, has millions of visits to its parks every year. But is it actually worth the money and time to get there? 

First off, Disney is very expensive. According to Disney’s website, admission tickets start at about $109 per person. And that’s just the ticket alone, if you possibly wanted any upgrades such as water parks, or just the ability to change what park you wanted to go to, you would have to pay another 100+ dollars. 

Parking is also quite expensive. For standard parking, you would have to pay anywhere from $25-50 just to park, bigger vehicles also cost around $25.

Living in Florida, the cost to get into the park would cost less than not living there. Say you live in another state. You would have to pay for the plane ticket, gas, hotel fees, and/or rental cars. 

It’s also very busy in the park. On average, according to Magical Guides, Disney gets 34,000 people visiting their parks every day. This causes huge wait times for certain attractions. If you’re not willing to wait the average wait time which is about 40 minutes per ride, then you can pay more money to get Genie plus to get you on rides sooner, but costing an extra $25  per day. 

Other than money, the rides are the main reason why the park is so popular. Some of their most popular rides are ones like “Splash Mountain” and the “Haunted Mansion”. Depending on what kind of ride you like, they pretty much have everything you’d want to go on like roller coasters, water rides and more. That’s why the park is popular, they have everything accessible for all ages.

Taking this all into mind, is Disney worth the wait and cost to get there? It may be a good experience with the different rides they have to offer, but it could get pricey for the average person.