Opinion | Is Black Friday worth it?

The shopping event of the year is around the corner as Thanksgiving break quickly approaches


Simone Van de Sande, Staffer

The clock strikes 12, it’s officially November 25, and bursting into the stores people scramble to get to the best items first. 

You run into Target going straight for the biggest deals and lock eyes on one of the best deals you think you’ve ever seen. While walking over, you eye a lady going in the same direction walking a little faster and when she spots you, the anticipation builds as you start jogging slowly turning into a run. The two of you collide and start fighting for the item when she hits you in the face and you’re forced to back down.

In the past twelve years, the crime and injury rate for Black Friday was up to 34%, recording 44 separate Black Friday-related incidents. In total, 109 injuries and 11 deaths. According to the New York Post, the majority of these all being in retail stores.

People get hurt every year just by going to stores on Black Friday. As exciting as Black Friday may be, people need to learn when enough is enough. Even with the percentage rate being at 34% in 12 years, making the possible rate of crime and injury is 2.83% during the year on Black Friday. People hurting each other just for a price tag is never worth it, taking a little more time and being a little more focused on their surroundings could help reduce the incident ratings.

Store management is another large solution to all the rowdiness that goes on inside the stores. The shortage of employees and employers is making it even more difficult for the stores to handle the Black Friday sales. From 2019 to 2022, the number of employees working in the United States dropped by 0.8% according to the government. The lack of employment makes it harder for all stores to obtain a peaceful manner during the Black Friday sales.

We may also be able to prevent such dangerous Black Friday shopping by shopping online instead. With online Black Friday sales varying from different times and dates, some stores such as “Best Buy” start as early as the 20th, making it a long sale. Shopping online means no fighting, no waiting in checkout lines and especially no waiting to be the first in the store. 

Being crazy and rowdy doesn’t always have to be the way Black Friday has to be. There are various different ways to prevent all the havoc of Black Friday shopping like resorting to different ways.